Zombie Sailor

Collectible Figures. From the eighties. Zombie Sailor was one of those “had me at hello” projects! Warning: this post is an overdose of nostalgia.

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Nostalgic Goodness!

Zombie Sailor sells collectible figurines from the past, everything from Transformers to WWF. When they approached me, they had seen my previous work for another client and wanted something similar: an 80’s vibe and to pay homage to the products that he sold. The client also wanted the website to be mobile-friendly and of course have the ability to sell the collectibles online.

Zombie Sailor was a very interesting project to me, mainly because it involved everything that was close to my heart. Like many others I grew up with love for all toys and comics and this project gave me the opportunity to take a bit of a stroll down memory lane.

Key Components

  • Logo Design
  • Ideas, Concept & Planning
  • Custom illustrated graphics across multiple platforms
  • Custom E-commerce store & other pages
  • Custom CSS Animations & Transitions

Project Duration: 2 months

Logo Design

We started out with the most important aspect of the brand, which is the logo itself. The client wanted the character as part of the logo. There’s also a variant that’s typography only, which is usually used for smaller print materials.

Website Design

I happen to collect those 1980’s Star Wars Hasbro figurines and that very thing turned out to be the main inspiration for the website design. Since collectible toys were his main products, we looked at printed toy adverts from the 80’s to draw some inspiration for colors, typography and style.

We went back and forth thru many variations before the idea of the toy box came to mind. But once that idea settled, everything else just started to flow.

We built this website with WordPress and Woocommerce. The layout was pretty challenging to achieve as it required a lot of custom coding, especially to the way the products were displayed as well as the pricing and discount codes. There were also many light animations peppered through the site to keep it alive and breathing. My fave was probably the simple glowing eyes at the footer. So simple, but in this case, very effective.

Website Mock Up

Various Artwork

We also worked on various other artwork throughout the site. The site itself was very interactive and had a smart talking checkout banner with good old Zombie Sailor greeting you upon checkout.

I did enjoy recreating the about page to look like a custom Zombie Sailor toy, as depicted.

Artwork created for add to cart events.
A custom artwork for the about page.