Venus Fallen

A clothing brand that I have worked closely with for several years and a unique project that sits on the Merchnow platform.

Made you think…

Science plays an important role in all of our lives. It exists to hunt facts down and shake an angry fist at myths and untruths. Venus Fallen is a brand that burns a big bright torch on behalf of science. And he’s got the tee designs to back it. If you are hunting very intellectual science related graphic tees, then do head over to his shop.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Research, Concept & Planning
  • Custom E-commerce store & other pages
  • Custom Jquery & CSS Animations & Transitions

Project Duration: 1 month


Unique Project

It was a unique project in the sense that the brand is hosted on Merchnow who does all their development in-house, so I only worked on his landing page and other WordPress related pages. However, I did get to work on the design of the shop as well, so that it could flow with the rest of the website. VF was also another client who went thru several changes throughout the years in terms of layout and design.

Unfinished mock up circa late 2016. Unfinished because we went right to web development as the client had signed off on the preview I sent over.

Web Design

Thru some quick e-mail exchanges the brief from the client was that he wanted a clean white site with a lot of focus on his product range. He also wanted a blog to post on his thoughts on current events in the field of science and the lighter side of science. Lastly, but certainly not least, he wanted some elements of science peppered across the site.

We went back and forth with a couple of ideas but once the navigation menu was designed, it sort of became the main element to design the site around. We styled everything else throughout the site based on this. We designed a periodic table that also doubled up as a calculator, which housed his logo, a search form, the pages of his website and also links to social networks. That’s quite a bulky menu but we managed to keep it in a neat little drop down. This is something we were certainly proud of as it was a pretty unique design for navigation menus at the time.

A client that I enjoyed working with and remain friends with to this day. To top off a project that I had already enjoyed working on, he sent over a package full of his tees! He’s still one of my go to’s for personal wear to this day.