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Swallows & Daggers

S&D is a tattoo inspired blog that also serves up some amazing looking merchandise in their arsenal.

Heart on sleeve

Swallows & Daggers is a tattoo inspired clothing label that went thru many phases to get to where they are today. It started out as a blog that featured tattoos daily as well as up and coming tattoo artist. If there was ever a need to find inspiration for art online, then S&D was certainly the place to go. When S&D approached me, they had wanted to expand their capabilities online. They were on a blogger platform that was limited to their needs, which was to sell merchandise online and present their daily blog posts in a beautiful manner.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Concept & Planning
  • Custom e-Commerce store, custom pages and blog-zine
  • jQuery & Css Animations

Project Duration: 2 months



When S&D came along, I was genuinely excited. I had never worked on a tattoo based website before, and to top it off it was already rich in content and they already had their branding down to a T.

Web Design

Swallows & Daggers was another brand that I had worked with that went thru several versions and changes. It was also another brand that I saw go from simple and humble beginnings to where they are today.

Some of the challenges I initially faced were to import their rich content into a new platform. While this is a relatively easy thing to do with WordPress, the content itself had values that was missing in the database, and our job was to basically fill in the blanks and create new fields that the db could take. Sounds relatively simple but when you are dealing with hundreds of posts with a combo of variations and categories, it can get messy real fast.

S&D were also swift to go thru the gears and I remember that it was probably less than a year that the original website had to be expanded upon again: this time switching the main focus of the site to their merchandise. Trends were changing and a lot of content were shifting to the social networks that seemed to pop up every couple of seconds back then! So we took the product first approach and I worked closely with his designer to come up with a website that could find a great balance between his products and his content. Their product categories expanded as well and by the time we were done it was functioning as a full fledged e-Commerce store. The blog pretty much stayed the same in terms of content, true to it’s original intended nature, which was to promote great art and artists alike. However, one major extension that made the content even better was the addition of interviews with various tattoo artists around the globe. The content gave great insight towards their careers and their lives as artists and provided inspiration to many. This in turn drove great traffic towards the website as it provided excellent and relevant content.

They have since switched over to the Shopify platform, but do take a look at some of their stuff anyway, whether for inspiration or wear: