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One of my oldest and longest clients, Suffoca is a unique lifestyle brand that constantly evolved and produced original content and artwork. A personal favorite.

The Storyteller

Suffoca was one of my first International clients and our relationship goes way back to 2008. We went thru many different variations and versions(5) of his website and indeed his brand as a whole. Like many other brands that I have worked with, Suffoca was one that I had followed closely prior to working with him. An aspiring artist back then, he was one of the few clients I knew who worked on absolutely unique art that required no words yet spoke a thousand. There was a style to his art: a way of storytelling that was compelling and fresh.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Concept & Planning
  • Custom e-Commerce store, custom pages and blog
  • jQuery & Css Animations

Project Duration: 2 months


Work work

When it came to branding and identity, I have to just step back and say that if there was ever a person who got that talent nailed on, it would be Suffoca. I’m pretty sure he would tell you that he was learning as he went along, but he did everything meticulously and on point. The main thing I learned from him was to just keep working hard and put in the required effort and then some with whatever you are working on. Because with that comes progression.

Web Design

How we would often work with each other was I would come up with the general layout and structure and he provided all the artwork and filled in the blanks. He would also add on sections which were important to him and his brand. My job was to make sure it fit in the framework and to code it out. We used WordPress for the blog and pages and Woocommerce for the shop. We also used a lot of lightweight animations that he provided throughout the site.

To get between pages, we implemented some nice transitions and also a custom lazy loader for scrolled content. The great thing was we managed to keep every script lightweight and .gif animations small in size. It took a while to get the balance right and to code out overall. The website was also mobile friendly and had many custom designed pages. We had a great launch eventually and I had gotten many new clients and friends as a result of such a meticulously planned and well run project. When I had first worked on this, I wouldn’t think it would span into nearly 10 great years of work but it did.

Suffoca has since moved on to become a Creative Director and produces some high quality and visually stunning videos. So basically, still great visual storytelling!

Take a break and check out some of his amazing videos.

The bird also says don’t completely give up on Suffoca the Brand making a comeback!

The main shop page was dope. Super neat and clean. Also great colors flow and ebb nicely throughout the site.

Some animated characters that were used for the Story page. Too good not to share! Check out that walk cycle.

The story page. This was where he laid out all his weird and wacky characters. Note that the materials were just for mock up. All the animated characters ended up on this page.