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Magic Singh

A magical experience, the client wanted a website to match his skills.

I worked with the amazingly multi-talented and super detailed Suffoca on this. He actually came up with the amazing ideas and I had to code it all and make it work. This was kinda a dream team up for me as Suffoca himself was originally a client who I look up to on a personal level on pretty much everything he does. The client was Magic Singh, a popular magician from London. Sign me up! I jumped at the chance, not just because it was a great client to have but also a great chance to learn a bit more about indie branding from a truly magnificent and learned individual from the indie scene.

Suffoca handle every design element and asset on the website, including the logo and icons right thru to the layout. My job was to take his amazing design and put it in code.

Landing page circa early 2016

Web Design

The main page was easy enough to execute, with some nice fixed background CSS, making sure that it fitted into almost any resolution, including mobile. The blog page, or rather, how it was meant to function was certainly a handful and a challenge at the time as I was getting used to some new jQuery variation. After a few rough starts and falls dawns, I finally got it to work and function as it should. It took a lot of research and a lot of learning because of the dynamic (WordPress/PHP) nature of the code. This was also around the time that I began to play around with hooks and functions. A hook is basically a place in WP code where you can add a function in. With that, magic!

A blog page that slid down below the landing page. It wouldn’t be right if a magicians page didn’t have some magic of it’s own.
A page with comments from some entertainers being entertained by Magic Singh as well as clients he had worked with.
Here’s a 3 minute break: a showreel of his for you to enjoy.

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