End Gods: Web Banners

Sparkjumpers are a gaming company that focuses on the mobile platform & have several popular games under their belts.

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Mobile Gaming PVP

Sparkjumpers are a Singaporean company that were producing games for the mobile platform and the eSports scene. They had a number of household games to their name and were looking for someone to help produce web banners for their online campaign for their new game, End Gods.

They provided all the assets and artwork. The job was mainly composition, layout and coming up with the main copy for each banner design. I came up with a slew of variations and different copies that matched the mood of each composition. The good guys got something positive while the bad guys copy were tinged with vitriol.

At the end of the project, I had provided about 20 different specs and sizes, each of which had about 3 variant designs and layout.

I’ve since worked on quite a few of these, but a lot of them involved NDA’s which unfortunately means I can’t show them on my portfolio as my work.