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Detroit Fresh Shop

A lifestyle brand from Detroit, a city that is popular for it’s music and arts culture.

Party like it’s ’99

I’m from an era where books and comics were one of the main forms of entertainment. When DFT, a 90’s lovin’ brand from Detroit approached me to design his website, I was immediately sold! I liked his branding direction and I was also impressed by the quality of artwork on the custom tees that he had on offer.

Key Components:

  • WordPress+Woocommerce
  • Custom CSS3 transitions and animations
  • Custom jQuery
  • Custom illustrations

Project Duration: 1 Month

As per usual, I set about determining the overall style and concept of the website. His logo was something he already had and right away it said to me comic book cover. I proposed a website that would look like a comic book and presented the mock up to the client.

Web Design

I also created various assets for his website, to go with the overall theme. This was the fun part because our research included going thru some old comic book covers online, and boy were there many inspirations.

For the website itself, I ended up toning down the colors a touch and stuck to flat colors for most of the hover events. I also added some cute animation effects in. When you hovered over a product, for example, the DFS mascot would come in and greet you with the product info. We also used some simple page transitions on each page. Please do visit the link below to see it in effect.