Deli Fresh Threads

Deli Fresh Threads is a clothing company based in Florida that has a very unique and original style of branding: everything is centered around sandwiches! His love and passion is clear for all to see and it was something that we fully utilized for his website design.

Deli Fresh Threads was such a fun website to build. If you love your PB&J, fast food and would love to proclaim your affection for all things pastry, you can certainly do so with one of their tees. He’s known for his entertaining blog posts on all things food as well as his run ins with personalities and questions to them. On sandwiches, of course!

Key Components

  • Ideas, Concept & Planning
  • UI/UX
  • WordPress Blog & Big Cartel eCommerce System
  • Custom CSS Animations & Transitions
  • Custom Newsletter

Website completion: 1 month


The client already had a good idea in terms of his direction and how he wanted his brand to look and feel. Also when he came along, he had pretty much everything ready to go. That’s a dream for most web designers and developers. He had all his assets in order and really knew from day one how he wanted his site to look and feel.

We used WordPress to tackle the blogging section of things. For his Online Store, the client was already on Big Cartel from day one. In fact, I do believe that they are probably one of BC’s oldest and most loyal supporters.

We went thru a couple of design changes over time and while the first design (above) lasted for quite a bit, we eventually went in for seconds (see what I did there) and settled for something more in tune with the brand. He wanted his 2nd serving to have a bit more focus on the content. We incorporated some small little visual changes, adding a paperbag feel to it. It IS all about sandwiches anyway. We also played around with the colors to go with a strong red/black logo. We also extended his side menus and made use of the space available, to cater to other parts of his website, especially to feature his very creative and very niche products. My personal favorite part of his site would be the winking sandwich DFT mascot at the checkout.

All in all, a lot of great fun was had while creating this website, and am glad to see that it’s lasted quite a while. I would love to have another go at this at some point, but the client seems pretty happy with what he has so far.