Darkhan is a popular clothing brand from Norway that delves their hands into the dark arts of creating 8 bit artwork for you to wear.

Bit Sized Freshness

Darkhan was another pretty unique project for me. I’ll be honest, the overall theme would upset my mother no doubt, but when it comes to projects we’ve just got to keep an open mind, be professional and look at everything from a designers perspective. Because honestly, I enjoyed rebuilding a 16-bit video game scene. I was just getting into a bit of animation then and learning the basics and fundamentals of it. This website presented that opportunity and I was more than delighted to work on it.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Research, Concept & Planning
  • Custom E-commerce store & other pages
  • Custom jQuery & CSS Animations & Transitions

Project Duration: 1 month



The client was a great guy from Norway who loved the 80’s gaming culture and have a lot of passion for Chiptune music, which is basically 8-bit music. Throw in a fascination of dark arts and you get a great concoction of really trendy 8-bit dark artwork on a tee shirt!

Web Design

The client came to me with an idea that he already had in mind and wanted to know if it could be executed. We worked on that part a bit and we decided on building a simple fight scene with his 2 main characters, an obvious nod to both our love for fighting games such as Street Fighter. He got to designing the characters while I worked on his background scene and how it would flow into the rest of the site. I settled on a rooftop, using dark and faded colors to keep the main emphasis on his really cool characters. The rooftop also doubled up as a header for the rest of the pages on the website and provided a nice flow throughout as it brought symmetry. Also, because the start of the website and the product preview was so strong, we decided to keep the rest of the pages on the site as simple as possible and to keep its focus on the content as it was mostly important information.

I designed & developed this website during my recent 2 year stint in Borneo, Sabah. I was there on a self-funded trail building project: an 8km Enduro mountain biking trail. It was tough work: digging and shaping all day and then coming home to code, but it was worth it. I took less projects during these times so I could really focus on the projects that I had. I really enjoyed working on this project, partly because of the environment I was in, but definitely because it was really fun and something I looked forward to doing to end my day. The client was very happy with the end results and that always makes me proud and all warm and fuzzy inside.