Benz Hepburn

Benz Hepburn is a newly formed company that specializes in both Regular & Prescription based Sunglasses. They wanted a website with the capability to sell their products online.

50 Shades of Sunnies

Benz Hepburn is an online shop that sells regular and prescription Sunglasses. When I first saw their products and asked to pick a fave, I did have a pretty hard time.

The client wanted a website that was responsive, fast loading and a clean design that suited his branding. He also wanted something that was fast to navigate and easy to use.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Research, Concept & Planning
  • Functionality & Structure
  • Variable products
  • Custom checkout processes

Project Duration: Ongoing

Initial Website Launch: 1 month



The client already had his branding work figured out and had a clear idea of the design and layout which he wanted.

Web Design

For the initial soft launch that was planned, time was a huge factor and the client wanted the website up pretty quickly, which meant that the details into design and layout took a backseat over functionality. We also wanted to keep the focus on the product itself and provide customers with as much information as possible on the products that they are purchasing.

The customer also sells prescription glasses, which meant that for each individual product, there would be a whole list of options and variables to set. The customer is able to choose they type of product they would be purchasing, either regular or prescription sunglasses. They are able to customize the glasses based on their preference including frame colors, lens color and the type of frame to use on certain products. This meant a whole lot of tweaking of Woocommerce hooks and filters.

Because of the nature of the products, the checkout and payment pages were also specially customized to suite the clients requests. This included a special checkout where if they purchased 2 products or more, they would be able to get a 3rd product for free. Also, because of the custom variations on each product, the checkout page had to be customized to accommodate the custom options.

We are awaiting phase 2 of this project, where we focus more on the design elements and beautifying the website as well as simplifying some sections, streamlining things to be more aesthetically pleasing and working well on all media devices.