Alpha Riders

Alpha Riders is part of the Alpha Group and is a Logistics & Delivery company.

While we worked on the Alpha Chauffeur project, the client was also in the midst of launching another company that functioned as a delivery service. The client wanted a similar website with Alpha Chauffeur, but with a different color tone and layout.

Key Components

  • Ideas, Research, Concept & Planning
  • Functionality & Structure
  • Variable products
  • Custom checkout processes

Project Duration: Ongoing

Initial Website Launch: 1 month



The logo is a pretty unique idea that I pitched when we were working on Alpha Chauffeur. I’ve always been fascinated by ambigram art but never had a chance to work on any projects that required it until Alpha Group came along. It was also around the same time that I was working on my own logo which also happens to be an ambigram. I pitched the idea to the client with examples and she was excited because it would work across her businesses. If you rotated the logo, it would show her alternate business. The great thing about ambigram art is that sometimes it takes a few looks to realize that it is in fact can be read both ways.

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Website Design

For the Alpha Rider website, the client wanted it to serve as a point of reference and information more than anything else. However, with a CRM system that I implemented in the backend, we ended up working on something more powerful. The front end of the site could capture information via forms and this information would be entered into the CRM system. We used this as an order form, where a customer who needed to order a pick up and delivery could enter all their information on the front end. It would then be reviewed by an agent with access to the CRM, who could then assigned riders to pick up the delivery items.

The great thing about the CRM system is that it is a native system, meaning that everything was done on one server and thru one system. This kept everything in a structure. Every single communication is recorded, from the time the client places the order to after the delivery is made, is inputted into the system. Alternatively, if the client had made a phone call to book an order, the agent that answered the call would input the data into the CRM. Every e-mail communication and notification also derives from the same system and is captured. This saves a lot of time and expenditure for the client as it’s all in one place and it keeps things formal and organized.

The CRM also works as a HR system, where employee information is inputted into the system. From the time an employee joins the company, their details would be added into the CRM. The whole journey from interview to the actual employment stage is also captured. An employee also applies for things like leave and vacation thru the same system. In a HR perspective, this is a dream because everything they need can be found in one place.

The third use of the CRM system is the management of funds and accounting. It can work on two fronts: the first being in-house, employee level and it gels nicely with the HR system. It handles all the salary management for employees. It also is able to capture fees and transactions from clients, stored and used to track income and flow. The best part of the system is each user has different access rights and you can customize this, which is important for security as the data that is stored is sensitive.

If you need a CRM system implemented to improve your workflow and overall team performance, please do get in touch.

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