Adventure We Like

Adventure We Like is a tour company that centers around touring countries in Asia such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia with a twist. Like it’s name suggest, it’s an extreme sports tour company.

Will work for bike

My favorite past time these days is Mountain Biking, specifically Downhill/Freeride. I met the client during one of the events and we eventually struck off as friends. Turns out that he was co-running a tour company and they needed a website where they could showcase their packages and they are able to book it online. It was also the first time in my career where I did a barter trade: a website for a bike frame. Now this was no ordinary bike frame though, it was a GT Fury and the first carbon one too.

The Brand

The client was meticulous in his work, and both him and his partner handled everything from identity to the tours itself. They offered packages to tour various parts of Asia: from Indonesia to his native Cambodia, to countries like Malaysia and Nepal. The also offered various forms of adventures in each of these countries. If you were into mountain biking for example, then the Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia or Philippines would be your choices. Alternatively, if you like your motorbikes, then a trip to Cambodia may suit you. All in all, quite an adventurous life!

Web Design

The client wanted a clean website that showed off his philosophy, vision and the packages that they had on offer. As a rider, I totally get that. Mountain bikers are a unique crowd and there’s nothing we love more than looking at trails and finding the right people to ride with. Once that is determined, the where and when factor comes into play. This is when Adventure We Like’s packages helps you as they would sort you out with everything else. They will take care of your lodgings and show you your options on places to ride based on your budget. We ended up going with a more direct approach and layout. We moved the packages up above the gallery, added a short introduction to the top and moved philosophy and vision to their own respective pages. For the rotator, we used some images that they had captured during their tours. The website has since been updated, but the general structure, layout and hierarchy is still there. Do check it out and if you feel it’s time for an adventure, hit them up!